About us

Badgercake Media Services and Badgercake Films are two exciting projects run on a mostly voluntary and spare time basis.  Over the years Badgercake has worked with many community projects around the UK and has provided training to young people interested in video production and other forms of media.  




Some of our clients include apprenticeship training companies, local government and several universities around the UK.  


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Steve Mason

Daventry resident Steve Mason is founder of Badgercake.  Steve is a Television Production and Media graduate and has kept his skills fresh by publishing and producing media online as a hobby.


Initially founded as a web design business in 1997, Badgercake Media has evolved into an unfunded  community project aimed at providing media services to voluntary and community groups. 


The New Car is an experiement in video product review

Image of You is a track from an album written by an amatuer band from Liverpool. This is an attempt at producing a music video